Why use Primary (or Secondary) Disposal with the Vortech Super Siphon?

In areas not serviced by a public waste disposal system an independent on-site waste system needs to be designed and installed.

There are many different choices for on-site waste water systems and it is important to select the system that will do the best job for your specific requirements with the highest reliability and at the lowest installed and ongoing cost.  For many sites there is the option of a simpler modern primary treatment system as well as more complex secondary treatment "package systems".  While many secondary treatment "package" systems claim to produce more highly treated effluent, they are often not the most cost effective solution with higher capital, ongoing power costs, and maintenance costs such as replacing or removing and servicing pumps every five years.
  • Some systems use no electrical power and some use over $800 of electricity a year
  • Some systems require no outside inspections by a contractor and some require six monthly visits by a professional (with the accompanying charges!)
  • Some systems are silent and some have an electrically powered blower running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week producing an audible hum and adding to the electricity bill

A well designed primary disposal system using the Super Siphon-
  • Is the most cost effective solution (other than a long drop composting toilet)
  • Effectively and safely treats and disposes of household effluent
  • Meets the requirements of council and regional codes for effluent disposal in many situations
  • Is the least expensive and most cost effective systems to install (even cheaper than an old style septic tank)
  • Is essentially silent
  • Uses no power
  • Does not require ongoing inspections by outside contractors if the owner is willing to undertake the minimal maintenance required
  • See some more of the Super Siphon's advantages here

Primary dosing with the Super Siphon doesn't work for all sites.  For the system to work you need the following-

  • A section size of at least 2000 m2
  • A site where the disposal field can be located physically downhill of the septic tank. Systems work best where there is at least 3 metres of fall from the top of septic tank to a probable location for the disposal field.

Gravity Secondary Systems using Super Siphons-

Providing the property is large enough and there is sufficient fall (~5m), it is possible to design and construct a gravity secondary system by installing a sand or gravel filter after the two chamber septic tank and then a second dosing siphon in its own separate chamber following the sand filter to dose to the disposal field.  The additional filter will provide secondary treatment for the effluent prior to being distributed to the disposal field.  As a  general guide 4m2 of sand or gravel bed area per person are required.

If these options could apply to your site then call your local design engineer or Ashby Consulting Engineering and talk to them about the least expensive, most reliable system on the market today- Primary siphon dosing with the Super Siphon.

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Installed Super Siphon

The Super Siphon installed in a

dosing chamber mid-dose