Troubleshooting the Super Siphon

The Super Siphon is designed and factory tested to give years of trouble free use with no maintenance. 


If your Super Siphon is not performing as expected, it maybe due to several reasons;


  1. The dosing chamber was drained recently and the Super Siphon was not re-primed
  2. The Super Siphon was not primed correctly initially.
  3. There is an obstruction or blockage in the delivery lines.
  4. The siphon has not been installed correctly.
  5. The siphon has been damaged or modified in some way.



1.      In all cases re-prime the Super Siphon

Always Start by re-priming the siphon as detailed in the instructions to prime the system.  This may solve the problem.  If it does not thenů


2.      Determine the problem

a) Drain the siphon chamber to below the siphon inlet pick-up/hole.

b) Open the discharge line/s downstream of the siphon and evaluate for obstructions, i.e. flush the mainline, delivery lines and laterals with   fresh water.

c) Check that all flows are free and unobstructed, look for and remove any obvious signs of  blockage and or damage.


3.      Drainage flow

With all peripheral port ends open in all the lateral lines, allow the dosing chamber to fill and watch for the siphon to dose.


4.      Damage or unauthorized modification to siphon

For the siphon to operate correctly all the connections between the components of the siphon body must be air tight.  The exhaust tube and balance tube must be the correct length.  Has the siphon been dropped, damaged or modified in some non-standard way?  Are there any cracks or signs of air leakage anywhere on the unit?  As the water rises around the siphon do you see bubbles form on or rise from the unit?  If you find leaks, contact your distributor.


If the Super Siphon fails to dose correctly then there is either damage to the unit, or one or more of the tolerances within the system has altered. Contact your distributor.

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