Priming the Super Siphon

The Super Siphon's main body must be filled with water (primed) prior to first use.  If the siphon is not primed it will not operate correctly.  The priming procedure is as follows:

  1. Insure the water level in the tank is below the inlet of the siphon.  The inlet must be open to air.
  2. Fill the main body with water.  This will require at least 2.5 litres. This can be achieved by pouring water into the open top of the vertical exhaust tube (15mm pipe end) when the siphon is mounted in place.

Once primed, allow the tank to fill with water covering the Super Siphon.  The Super Siphon will start when the water level reaches approximately 160mm over the top of the bell.  The Super Siphon will run (dose) until the water level reaches the bottom of the inlet or the drilled hole in the inlet tube if the drawdown distance has been modified.


This completes the priming process and the Super Siphon will now continue to dose automatically.


A Product Information brochure is included with each siphon with these priming instructions.

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