Modifying the Super Siphon for drawdown distances between 190mm & 720mm

The Super Siphon comes standard with a 400mm drawdown distance (+/- 10mm).  That drawdown can be reduced to as little as 190mm by modifying the siphon in the field using the following procedure.

As supplied the Super Siphon has a 400mm drawdown.  This 400mm is measured from the bottom of the inlet tube below the bell.  


To shorten the drawdown stroke, subtract the desired drawdown distance + 5mm from 400 and drill a 10mm diameter hole in the side of the inlet tube or bell the calculated distance up from the bottom of the inlet.

As an example, if you want a 350mm drawdown… 


350mm + 5mm = 355mm

400mm - 355mm = 45mm


Measure up from the bottom of the inlet tube 45mm and drill a 10mm diameter hole. 


When the hole is uncovered as the water level falls during dosing the siphon suction will be broken and the flow will stop at this point re-setting the siphon for the next dose.

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