What is a Dosing Siphon?

A siphon in its simplest form is a short length of hose, for example used for siphoning petrol from a car.  Providing the hose is full of fluid (petrol) and the outlet of the hose is lower than the surface level of the petrol in the tank, then the petrol will flow uphill through the hose and then down to the outlet of the hose continuously until the tank is empty or the level of the petrol in the tank falls below the level of the outlet of the hose.  It is simple in theory however one does not want to be continually sucking on a hose to drain a septic tank!  A self actuating siphon is therefore highly desirable.

A self actuating siphon is one that will automatically trigger when a liquid level of fluid reaches an upper predetermined height in a tank, and will siphon out that liquid until a lower predetermined level is reached.  At that point the siphon will stop the flow of liquid and reset itself until the next time the liquid level reaches the upper level again.  The difference in the two levels is called the drawdown distance of the siphon.  The Super Siphon operates starting and stopping the fluid flow using trapped air pressure and fluid pressure within the siphon.

Imagine a glass turned upside down in a sink full of water, trapping the air inside and depressing the water surface level inside the glass.  Imagine a hole in the bottom of the inverted glass over which you have kept your finger pressed to keep the air trapped.  If you lifted your finger from the hole, the air would rush out and the water would rush in.  A dosing siphon acts a little like that with the "magic finger" being a 'U' tube primed with water in which once the air pressure reaches a certain point, air will bubble past and trigger the siphon action.

The beauty of the self-actuating Super Siphon is that it is designed and built with no moving parts to jam or wear out.  It relies solely on water and air pressure for its operation.

The Super Siphon is properly constructed and installed it is 100% reliable and should require no maintenance.  It will run day in and day out for year after year with no power required and no servicing requirements.  The Super Siphon however does need to be primed prior to initial use by pouring water into it down the breather pipe.  Various parts on the siphon need to be air and water tight and all siphons are tested prior to leaving the factory.  However should a siphon become damaged in transit or installation then of course there could be problems and it would need to be repaired.

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